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Popular London Southend destination named among best Spanish seaside resorts

We’re thrilled to announce that Alicante has just been named among the best Spanish seaside resorts by Which?, the consumer champion! If you’re looking for sun, sea and vibrant culture, Alicante is the place to be. Of course, we knew that already, but it never hurts to get a second opinion… or 1,000, in fact.

Let’s take a look at just some of the features that make flying to Alicante so especial – and why Alicante comes out ahead of so much of the competition. From beautiful beaches to exciting nightlife and fantastic prices, there’s plenty of reasons to fly out to Alicante with London Southend Airport.

The survey, carried out last November, asked members to rate their experience of Spanish resorts over the previous year. Alicante secured a customer score of 78% with 4/5 stars for its beaches, seafront, safety, friendliness, food and drink, accommodation, tourist attractions and shopping.

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Why Alicante? 

Beautiful beaches and picturesque promenades 

Alicante’s coastline is absolutely stunning. Imagine relaxing on pristine beaches and strolling along picturesque promenades. The Explanada de España, a palm-tree-lined mosaic promenade, is perfect for a leisurely walk. The crystal-clear waters are just crying out for swimmers. The Alicante weather is perfect year-round to boot, making it an ideal destination for beach lovers.

Rich history and breathtaking views 

Step back in time with a visit to the Castillo de Santa Bárbara. This ancient castle offers jaw-dropping views of the city’s red-tiled rooftops and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. History buffs and sightseers alike will find plenty to love from this panoramic view. 

Authentic Spanish cuisine 

Alicante’s historic Old Town is a tapas paradise. When the sun sets, the city comes alive with some of the best restaurants, clubs and bars on the Costa Blanca. No wonder Alicante scored top marks for its food and drink!

Great weather all year-round

Expect plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures year-round. Whether it’s summer or winter, the weather in Alicante is perfect for the beach and any and all outdoor activities.

They also know how to throw a party. The famous midsummer festival, Las Hogueras de San Juan, is a must-see, with enormous sculptures set ablaze in a spectacular fiery display. In winter, the Alicante Christmas Market is pure magic. Enjoy churros and hot chocolate while strolling along the promenade in mild 18°C weather. You’re not in England any more! 

How Alicante compares to the competition

Puerto Banus, a well-known fancy hotspot, didn’t fare as well in the Which? survey, scoring just a 55% satisfaction score. Visitors found the supposedly lavish locale lacking in value for money and safety.

But Alicante? It’s a different story, offering the perfect blend of affordability, safety and charm, making it a top pick for families and friends.

San Sebastian also scored high for its beauty and culinary excellence, but it comes with a heftier price tag. Alicante strikes the right balance, offering trendy vibes and traditional charm at a great value.

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Book your flight to Alicante now and experience all that this incredible destination has to offer.

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