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Arrivals at London Southend Airport

Landing at London Southend Airport

Guide for arriving passengers

Facilities once you arrive

When you arrive at London Southend, you will be met with a very short and efficient journey through to your choice of onward travel.

On average, our arriving passengers move from Plane seat to train, car or taxi seat in under 10 – 15 minutes! We pride ourselves on being quick and easy.

There are toilets, including accessible toilets, and baby changing facilities available straight after passport control and before customs, adjacent to the baggage belts. For those arriving on a domestic flight, the toilets are just after the domestic baggage reclaim.

If you are staying locally, check out our onsite hotel and recommendations for inspirational local and East London places to visit and things to see and do. Car hire is also available.

Passport control

Welcome to London Southend Airport! Once you’ve landed, you’ll pass through the Arrivals hall, which is operated by Border Force. Passport checks are completed here before you can continue to baggage reclaim.

To make your arrival as smooth as possible, we recommend that you:

  • Have your passport opened at your photo page and any supporting documents like landing cards ready
  • Use the toilet before you land if needed, as there are no toilets in Arrivals until after passport control
  • Take off your sunglasses, hat or headphones before you approach passport control
  • Stay together in the Arrivals hall and through passport control if you’re travelling with children

As set by the Home Office, Border Force has a target to process passengers through immigration within 60 minutes. Most of our passengers will breeze through passport control in a matter of minutes and be on their way to their destination from London Southend Airport within 15 minutes of leaving the plane.

Should you experience any delays or issues at passport control, please contact Border Force at [email protected].

Getting extra help

Should you need to book a little extra help with exiting the aircraft or with the short walk through our arrival journey we can be on hand. Please ensure that you pre-book special assistance so that there is no delay made to your arrival.

Other than steps/ramp down from the aircraft, our arrivals walking route is completely step-free!

Baggage reclaim

Pick up your luggage after your flight at our baggage reclaim, which can be found after you have passed through passport control, and before customs. Once you have your luggage and are through customs, you’re just a one minute walk away from Southend Airport train station.

If you have lost, or believe that you have left an item on the aircraft, please refer to our lost property advice.


Waiting for a taxi? Sit down for a cuppa at SKYCAFÉ on your right as you exit into Arrivals

Entry requirements

For the latest advice on UK entry requirements, please visit the website.

See our immigration frequently asked questions for more help.

Travel by train

Travel by train

Get from plane to train quicker than you think and arrive in London in under an hour


Travel by taxi

It’s easy to travel from London Southend Airport with reliable, friendly local taxi services

Getting extra help

Extra help

Learn how to arrange special assistance from your airline for your arrival