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Commercial opportunities like hangar leasing at London Southend Airport

Aviation & commercial development

Come fly with us

London Southend is London’s newest and a sustainable airport, excellently located within our 8.2 million catchment area. We are ready to serve the fastest growing and ever-developing East London and the East of England.

Speedily and easily accessed by a direct train journey of just 43 minutes from London Stratford, a great road network and just 41 miles by road from central London and an unparalleled, proven arrivals experience taking an average of just 7 minutes from plane seat to train seat, we will become the London airport of choice for more and more passengers and airlines – London being the world’s largest aviation market of 179 million passengers (157 million O & D passengers).

Our passenger experience is second to none. For seven consecutive years we have been awarded “Best Airport Terminal in London” awarded by Which? Magazine’s Airport Passenger Survey 2013 – 2019.

We were one of the UK’s fastest-growing airports pre-pandemic. In 2019 we saw more than 2 million passengers and 40+ viable short-haul routes.

We operate our own uncongested controlled airspace and lower handling & operating costs vs other competing London airports.

London Southend Airport continues to invest in maintaining its modern infrastructure such as a new hold baggage system in 2021, CTix security equipment introduced from 2020, a new website and over 25% of our terminals annual energy usage from an onsite generated renewable source, its own solar farm.

From commissioning, the direct carbon reduction equates to the planting of over 40 million trees and counting.

Fees, terms & conditions of use

For the general London Southend Airport fees and terms and conditions of use, please refer to:

With no slot restrictions, no (current) capacity restrictions, our own uncongested airspace and with low base costs, get in touch today at [email protected]

Cargo & logistics operational facility

If you are land airline logistics or a logistics company looking to grow or relocate all or part of your operation, our bonded warehouse facility could be the perfect solution. With access to a professional screening service for dutiable goods we offer a complete and efficient service that has been tried and tested successfully by two global logistics company – talk to us today on [email protected]

Hauliers or freight forwarders facing congestion on nearby roads, at a nearby port or airport – the London Southend facility could be the solution – to find out more please email us today [email protected]

London Southend Airport hangar for lease

Onsite building leasing opportunities

We have a number and variety of buildings and facilities within our infrastructure that come available for mid and long-term leasing from time to time, for example:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Meeting space/s
  • Airside accommodation

If you would just like to know more, have an immediate requirement or a future use question please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]

Filming & photo shoots

London Southend Airport – the location

Looking for the perfect filming location? Having been the chosen location for numerous movies, advertisements, fashion shoots (you name it we’ve supported it!) we are a set of well-prepared people and locations that can support your production across the following location areas/purposes:

  • Rail station
  • Car parks
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Empty hangars that can be purposed and mid-term locations
  • Hotel
  • Runway
  • Taxiways
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Passenger terminal
  • Green room/production holding facilities

And so much more…. we are agile as are our facilities. Talk to us today [email protected]

YouTube influencer MrBeast filming at London Southend Airport in November 2022
MrBeast filming at London Southend Airport
British Airways filming at London Southend Airport
British Airways filming at London Southend Airport

Airport Business Park

For latest developments and property enquiries, visit the Airport Business Park website.