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London Southend Airport Train Station

Safety & security

At Southend Airport Station

Keep all your luggage and personal belongings with you at all times. Sadly there are thieves out there, and while our staff are ever-vigilant on our trains and stations, pickpockets can take advantage of opportunities.

If a crime does take place, the station is covered by CCTV, so report it quickly to our staff or the British Transport Police and we’ll be straight on the case – but prevention is a lot better than cure!

But it’s not just about your belongings. If you spot any luggage or any other item that appears to be unaccompanied, please report it immediately to train or station staff, or contact British Transport Police on 61016.

It’s also worth checking the safety information on our trains before you travel.

See it. Say it. Sorted

Please remain vigilant. If you see anything suspicious, for example someone being somewhere they shouldn’t, strange behaviour or an unattended bag, if you witness a crime at one of our stations or on one of our trains, contact the British Transport Police immediately on 0800 40 50 40 or text on 61016. In an emergency, always call 999.

Behaviour on our trains and at our stations

A bit of anti-social behaviour can ruin a journey for the people around you. There are certain types of behaviour that we would ask you to avoid. 

These include things like:

  • Being drunk, disruptive or rowdy
  • Using offensive language
  • Playing music so loudly that it annoys other passengers
  • Putting feet on seats
  • Leaving trains or platforms in a mess. Please use bins or take it with you
  • Taking up seats with luggage when it’s busy.

Good to go?

We have to think about your safety, other passengers and our employees. That means we won’t allow anyone to board one of our trains if they appear to be ‘unfit to travel’. You or a companion might be ‘unfit to travel’ if you’re:

  • Unable to stand steadily without support
  • Behaving aggressively
  • Acting in a disorderly, indecent or offensive way

We don’t normally do any more than ask you not to travel, but if a situation develops, the British Transport Police are there to support us.

We have developed our Accessible Travel plan (ATP) to help people with a disability or requiring assistance. Full details are included in our policy.

Station Complaints Handling Passenger Document

We think it is important to listen to our customers, and details of how to make a complaint are included in our Complaints Handling Passenger Document. We also appreciate any positive feedback you may wish to give us.

Privacy policy

London Southend Airport is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy when using our services.

Alternative versions, easy read, large print and audio can all be provided upon request.

Environmental policy

London Southend Airport Station recognises its responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of our activities, products and services in all areas of our business.