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Why are two Boeing 727s being stationed at London Southend Airport?

From Tuesday, August 1 2023, 2Excel Engineering will station two specially modified Boeing 727s at London Southend Airport on behalf of Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL). These aircraft are used in emergency response efforts for major oil spill disasters around the world to break down oil slicks into smaller, less harmful droplets that biodegrade more effectively and minimise environmental and economic damage.

Why are Boeing 727s used for this purpose?

The Boeing 727s are chosen for their capabilities in handling oil spill responses effectively. They contain seven tanks, holding almost 4,000 gallons of dispersant, and are managed by a specialist crew who can fly as low as 150 ft over disaster areas.

Additionally, the B727’s metal frame makes it easier to modify than later-generation composite aircraft, and its ability to depart and land on shorter runways allows it to access smaller airports worldwide during emergency response missions.

2Excel has plans to replace the Boeing 727s with more modern aircraft in the coming years.

How often will the two Boeing 727s be deployed from the airport?

The two Boeing 727s will be based at London Southend Airport and are expected to be deployed on an emergency basis or for maintenance flights around 2 to 3 times a month.

The S106 allows for up to 60 maintenance departures by QC4 aircraft, such as the Boeing 727, per annum.

How is the Boeing 727 classified in terms of noise quota count and operations?

The Boeing 727 is classified as having a NATs noise quota count as QC1 on arrival and QC4 on departure. It operates under the terms of the S106, allowing for QC2+ emergency/exempt flights at any time. Due to logistical planning, all Boeing 727 operations are expected to be scheduled in the daytime period.

Can the Boeing 727s be deployed for other purposes at the airport?

The two Boeing 727s will be deployed on an emergency basis or for maintenance flights only. Their presence at the airport is primarily for their role in oil spill response operations.

How can I find out more about 2Excel Engineering’s oil spill response operations?

For more information about 2Excel Engineering’s oil spill response operations and their Boeing 727 aircraft, you can visit their official website.

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